Meet the Artist

Maureen Williams is...

A celebrated Australian glass artist with 30 years of experience. Maureen has travelled over the years: having studied and worked across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. Her extensive solo and group exhibitions have captivated gallery audiences everywhere. Now Maureen invites you to experience this fine artistry in your home.

Born in Port Pirie, South Australia, the art of this Melbourne-based glassblower has been displayed across the globe from Paris to Venice, Auckland to Seattle. Much like the layers of vibrant enamel paint featured in her 3D canvases, Maureen's work captures endless shades and tones, drawn from a wide world of inspiration.

Maureen's greatest muse however, has always been the Australian countryside. The red earth of the Northern Territory's Larapinta trail, which she has had the privilege to walk, particularly moved her.

Maureen loves the colours, the patterns and the sense of the middle of nowhere where she grew up, and is delighted to tell the raw, honest story of the natural world through her homewares and artworks.

"The work makes reference to travel and narrates the voyage through real and imaginary views. A sense of place, of being in the land, that cannot be rationally known."

Maureen's own story as an glass artist truly began when she opened her glass studio. Maureen describes herself as a hands on person. She loves to make. In fact, she made all her studio's furniture from scratch. Maureen bought a metal drop saw, a welder and a book on how to weld and went for it. She has formed countless connections and friendships with passionate makers like herself; the art of glass is a team effort after all. Explore her range of stunning homewares today.

Maureen currently lives in St. Kilda, not too far from the studio, with her beloved dog Harriet.